About Ysaboo

The Art of the Mind…

How can you describe that with words?
You cannot, but you can express it…

I can strongly say that I was born with that mind.
My passion for Art started in my first 5 years at school.

I had the opportunity to study at a private school where they invested a lot in the creativity of their pupils.

That was precisely the time when I started discovering my creativity.

I do not consider myself as a painter, but a very creative woman that expresses what words cannot express through the Art and restoring what was forgotten…


Office of Monard D’Hulst

Office of Monard D’Hulst

Seppe Airfield

Seppe Airfield

Seppe Airfield

Enny’s Atelier

Isabel’s Atelier

Isabel’s Atelier

Isabell’s Atelier

Isabel’s Atelier

You can visit my the Atelier at any time by doing an appointment via e-mail or phone call:

Je kunt het Atelier op elk moment bezoeken door een afspraak te maken via e-mail of telefoontje:

Vous pouvez visiter mon Atelier à tout moment en prenant rendez-vous par e-mail ou par téléphone:


+32 495947023

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